When will it be, what will it take: Pay that Down Payment OBAMA!

I always think to myself, when learning about efforts to blockade progress in the sense of gaining access. Where in fact affluence means more to certain people then destroying the glass ceiling. As a Grassroots leader, I try my best to explain when our “leaders” say not now or attack us and blame us if a certain person loses the election. However, the next Op-Ed I will describe why does this rift exist. Here is where I begin; there is an Executive Order on a certain world leaders desk in which he can sign, as a down payment. We need the conversation to start we need ENDA. It will take groups of people to demand. It will take groups of people to Act up and demand goals. The Stalling on ENDA and the ENDA Executive Order is not what most would call a “Mantra”; that got The President his 2012 “New Obama Majority” to be come existent. When will it be “convenient ” for the status quo to give what we demand, Full Federal Equality. Especially when our own national groups are getting in the way of local grassroots efforts of doing good. I call what we do promoting the Equality Doctrine. The waiting game is horrible to be in, our youth needs the urgency to know that our protections from hate crimes and workplace protections are needed. To Justice, to social equality to basic human rights, let’s move forward to victory onward to equality onward to occupy for Justice.  It must be the initiative of the people to wish this to be, and when it happens The Promised Land will come about. As Bayard Rustin Said ” We need in Every Community a group of angelic troublemakers” with that being said, we are who we’re waiting for, it’s just a matter of time for the rest to support full Federal Equality. Enough of waiting! #WeCan’tWait
 in solidarity, Get Out, Get Active and Get Equal Nothing less.

An Old Post From May 3rd (2012): Update: The President has “endorsed” Marriage Sovereignty for the rest of the American public, and opens the door for folks who are Queer Identified. However Well He Push, well he champion the fight will be hit the streets is another question. What about everything else? The more “important” matters. Yes The Golden Ticket is possible, but how can we get to The Promised Land with out the basic protections in employment (ENDA) finishing DADT (including GI GE) and fighting for justice home and aboard?

As a grassroots tastemaker I will have to wait and see how sincere he is. However, I am gearing up the fight for an Equality campaign. I also would call a major meeting with all the tastemakers, Broadcasters, and icons.

We got to organize a major, major fight next year… I’m waiting for everyone else to join me….

I’m already ready for the fight…. Let’s GO  

Get Out! Get Active! Get EQUAL! Eyad M. Alkurabi   Community Organizer/Occupy Organizer

As a community organizer working with GetEQUAL it has come to my conclusion that only the Queer community and our dedicated straight allies can fight for us. The analysis of The President’s refusal of a feasible political positive calculation of satisfying 73% of Americans baffles me.  Why not sign this as a start to the ENDA passage movement?  Signing statements are a wonderful way to really show you are such a fierce advocate Mr. President.

As a response we have been applying pressure to local OFA offices, sending out GetEQUAL Pens and stickers demanding the DNC and The President to keep their promise they are so dearly campaigning on. Where is the courage folks?  #WeCan’tWait, we can’t our people are being fired as well as being victims of hate each and everyday.  This administration and this “Democratic Party” lays this carrot in our faces but can’t stand on it’s own spine!

So far most Gay-Inc is quick to defend Obama saying it’s ok, just wait until we get a full Blue house…

We had a full blue Senate and House and nothing got done.  Only a half-baked health care bill that was comprised before it was comprised to DEATH!

We are on to your cute acts DNC, OBAMA, 1%, Gay-Inc and we are not dumb…

You have awoken a sleeping giant and we will go through whoever we need to go through in order to get to The Promised Land, so sign our Social Contract Mr. President! Democrats hold and keep a DAMN SPINE! Not much to Gay-INC most things they do is reprehensible anyway.

So this Radical Community Organizer is under disappointing energies again…

Carrot jerking is happening again…


… Well Look at this…

Occupy Wall Street, GetEQUAL, Act UP!, and APRI, Should be meeting soon keep a look out 1% because the times are changing and we be coming to Act Up! To Occupy! – “Making things Unworkable” to GetEQUAL!

About Eyad (Eddie) Alkurabi

I have been an activist for 12 years since the patriot act. I’m a Palestinian-American Pansexual (Queer). I’m a College Student based in Albany, New York; Attending HVCC (Hudson Valley Community Collge) and SUNY Albany. Political Science is my Major, Global Politics is my concentration. I’m also a community organizer for GetEQUAL, Occupy, and countless other movements. In addition I’m part of Grassroots Wing of the LGBT movement.