What’s going on….. Seriously ?!!!!

People, it has been quite a whie since I last wrote an article. Had “some things” to deal with; however I’m back and ready to start blogging again. A-lot and I mean ALOT of new movements popped up since I last wrote something. New coming of International focused LGBT Events, Arab Spring 2.0, destruction of civil liberties while new warriors are getting involved to save what’s left. Some victories, some major setbacks; but we organizers keep on moving!. this post will be about Indigenous folks & LGBT Folks what can be done… with this new concept can it build a intersection movement. Evolving the Queer movement without forgetting our families who are in indigenous societies. So we will be talking about “what’s going On”.

– What’s interesting to see is a build up of international movement for LGBT rights; finally taking course. Of course suggesting the argument of fighting on a international-civil society concept is tough but its gaining traction which is good, as we humans develop our political climate structures. While we are speaking of political climate structures, I’m very please to bring notice rise of Indigenous rights movements.

How can we find common ground in Solidarity…Without stepping on toes (In a sense that “western nations don’t act in Neopatrimonialism – “telling others what to do” However looking at that concept: What is the possibility of LGBT inclusion in the Indigenous rights manifesto? – 2 spirit is native peoples in North America that are Queer. In a boarder scope of things, can something come about? Making sure the Queer-movement is working with Indigenous rights movement. Promoting native leaders,

Indigenous people who are queer identified are largely ignored in aspects of leadership in most groups.. (Minus, grassroots,) – Not a core connection … how can the LGBT community address this? Another question is: could Hannah Arendt’s theory encompass LGBT folks and Indigenous folks in interconnections. (Solution would be: More representation in conversations, actions, and orgs). Finally – a conversation in great need is to provide leadership development so that Queer identifies Indigenous folks are acknowledged and their voices are heard.

Can they get Citizenship? With that question would depend if the democratic institutions and process acknowledge them, and if they have a path to citizenship, however it has to be voluntary (on the indigenous people’s terms). What kind of democratic institutions can provide services and or protections? Can these democratic institutions help indigenous folks thrive or cultural their cultures.America has to have better record on poltical asulumn period. Being extremely vulnerable to neo-liberalism can they create the political capital and the movements needed to carry on, and protect themselves. In addition, to more questions to be asked: Where do the indigenous people fall, under the mantra of equality and justice? Are they included in the conversation created by Hannah Arendt the right to have rights? I would say so, to me the overall ultimate indicator of a free society is how many rights are respected for the Indigenous people. Currently throughout the nations of this earth, we have movements sparking greater awareness for their rights.. And that, Movements such as Zapatista and #idlenomore movements prove that yes…

In fact, Indigenous communities do have the power to change and have created conversations that captivates narratives. Citizenship should start with protecting the vulnerable and the native peoples. Here’s some questions I give to readers as this journey takes place: how can we find common ground in Solidarity..Without assuming as a new colonial power? When need to provide leadership development so that Queer identified indigenous folks are acknowledged and their voices are heard. All concepts and theories of gaining and create rights, creating movements in order to make these rights possible should be acknowledged and respected as valid by the international communities and should not be destroyed by neo-liberalism. Not everyone wants to assimilate. Hopefully below will begin a good conversation about the questions I asked.. Onward to good intense discussions about this! GO NOW CONVERSE!

About Eyad (Eddie) Alkurabi

I have been an activist for 12 years since the patriot act. I’m a Palestinian-American Pansexual (Queer). I’m a College Student based in Albany, New York; Attending HVCC (Hudson Valley Community Collge) and SUNY Albany. Political Science is my Major, Global Politics is my concentration. I’m also a community organizer for GetEQUAL, Occupy, and countless other movements. In addition I’m part of Grassroots Wing of the LGBT movement.