We Are All Human Beings

It amazes me how people forget we are ALL human beings regardless of what you may or may not be labeled as.  I am talking in particular of the 49ers Ahmad Brooks, Isaac Sopoaga, and Chris Culliver.  They play for a team that calls San Francisco home.  San Francisco.  The home of Harvey Milk, Margaret Cho, the Castro District and at one time the largest number of gay people per capita.  I know there are a lot of LGBT fans of the 49ers and the Giants.  I wonder what your fans think?  Would you be able to look them in the eye and tell them they are not welcomed?  Wrong question.  I think you could and that’s a problem.

What if a sports team said a black person will never be welcome on their team?  What if an all white team supported civil rights movements for African-Americans, created a video against racial segregation and later recanted or denied being involved in such a controversial issue?  What would you do?  How would you feel?

Regardless of whether you are black, white, red, yellow, gay, straight, Christian, or Muslim, you should do all you can to support your fellow HUMAN BEING.  People are being hurt by others, plain and simple.  Humans are being attacked or dying because they feel lost, alone and that nobody cares.

Today is the beginning of Black History Month.  Is this what you want to be remembered for?  Too late, you will be.  You have been forever marked by your own words and actions (or inactions).  Whether we want it or not, we are all role models.  It is our duty to guide and protect everyone.  So far, you’ve failed but there’s still hope.  There’s always hope.  That’s what we cling to.

You’re men.  You’re big. You’re powerful.  Make a difference.  Stand up.  Be an Ally.  Be heard and tell them all It Gets Better.  Until you do that, shame on you for making someone feel unwanted.

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