Vagaybonds Jim and Chris

Meet The Gayly Post’s newest contributors: Vagaybonds Jim and Chris who will be posting about their travel adventures across the globe. Here is a little more about the two travelers and their journey…

Vagaybonds Jim & Chris

Vagaybonds Jim & Chris

Jim and Chris have traveled to 57 countries and have lived in 8 of them. They enjoy tasting the local food and drink, the exotic the better. Their travels have excited them about learning different languages like Thai, Arabic, Persian, Polish and Spanish.

Jim is Polish and Lithuanian, born in Chicago and educated in the UK; his travels began at the age of 10. Jim taught English as a second language in over 5 countries and enjoys meeting new people.

Chris was born in America; his ancestry is primarily West African and East European. Chris has traced his parent’s family to the African slave trade of the United States and West Africa. He is a Graphic Artist, web designer, researcher and a red wine lover.

As Vagaybonds, their motivation for travel has taken on a new purpose. They are now traveling from place to place experiencing the world through eyes of “family,” the Queer community. They are looking forward to the destinations they have yet to experience and to roads less traveled to bring readers the culture, food, drink, life love and friendship of our “family.”

Vagaybond Jim & Chris

Vagaybond Jim & Chris

They have defined VAGAYBONDING as Gay men traveling worldwide, from place to place bonding with other gay men.

Vagaybond’s tagline is “Today is going to be epic.” With that, they invite you to follow along, meet new friends, their faviorite places to play and have fun. You can read all about their adventures at Vagaybond. Make sure you bookmark their website and check out their social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Keep an eye out for their posts on The Gayly Post under the travel section!

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