LGBT-themed romantic drama “Touch” to kick off production with film shoots at Metroball and Razzle Dazzle Dallas in June.

Patrick BoydDALLAS, TX – Lights! Camera! Action! Indie feature “Touch” heads into production next month with scenes shot on location at Dallas Summer Pride signature events Metroball and Razzle Dazzle Dallas. Attendees of the annual AIDS fundraiser, Razzle Dazzle Week, will be invited to participate in the shoots as part of the audience for a song set performed by one of the film’s stars, Broadway veteran Patrick Boyd will be accompanied by singer/songwriter Josh Zuckerman who is attached to the film in a supporting role.

Metroball 2014 will jump start the weekend on Friday, June 6th with a dance party at S4 Night Club featuring Andy Bell , lead singer of British synthpop duo Erasure. As one of Mr. Bell’s opening acts, Mr. Boyd will take to the stage as Shen Santangelo, the Wilde Child of Pop, a performance that will become part of one of the film’s pivotal scenes. Mr. Zuckerman and his band will join Mr. Boyd the following night, Saturday, June 7th, with a set at Razzle Dazzle Dallas at Cedar Springs and Throckmorton that will open the film. Always wanted to be in a movie? This year, Razzle Dazzle Dallas and the producers of Touch offer that opportunity.

Andy Bell“Touch” is a feature-length romantic drama that tells the story of a male couple whose love, trust, and commitment to one another prevails over the dangerous obsession of one partner’s former abuser. The film is self-funded and will begin its second session of filming in Fall 2014 and its third in early 2015. For more information, please contact Pam Kuerbitz at touchfilmproject@gmail.com.

Razzle Dazzle Dallas

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