To Speak: To Fear: To Be!

– Hey so I’ve Heard.

so I heard you’re Queer.

you’re Queer, You ain’t go nothing to fear.

– Nothing to Fear.

– Nothing to Fear, I’m here.

-I’m here with my bullhorn.

– Bullhorn to smash the Fear.

– Smash the Fear, So I’ve heard.

I heard you fear the fear.

Don’t fear the fear my queer.

Take it my Queer and Channel it.

Channel it into something.

Something I say ; Positive.

Agititate to educate

educate to organize

organzie to liberate.

Libertate to realize.

and to realize is to feel.

feelings are good to endure.

My fellow queers.

Face the fear.

face it with : No Justice No Peace.

Make it, Take it, Give it, Be it,

To Speak.

To Be.

To Fear.

To Give.


About Eyad (Eddie) Alkurabi

I have been an activist for 12 years since the patriot act. I’m a Palestinian-American Pansexual (Queer). I’m a College Student based in Albany, New York; Attending HVCC (Hudson Valley Community Collge) and SUNY Albany. Political Science is my Major, Global Politics is my concentration. I’m also a community organizer for GetEQUAL, Occupy, and countless other movements. In addition I’m part of Grassroots Wing of the LGBT movement.