Secrets of the Velvet Closet

A Memoir written by Lena Rai

Secrets of the Velvet Closet is a story about Rose; a young woman who discovers at an early age that she is different from the rest of the girls.  Growing up in a home with her younger brother and alcoholic mother proved to be mostly problematic since she was responsible for babysitting while her mother was out drinking.  Rose made her way through one failed friendship after another.  She eventually gave up the thought of ever having a meaningful relationship with a woman and began dating men.

After graduating high school she went to work at a casino where she met her first husband.  She was head over heels in love with him until his abusive ways started to show through.  She became pregnant with their first child, a son.  By this time she was trying to remove herself from their deteriorating relationship.  She agreed to weekend visitations with her estranged husband and he ended up keeping their son for 2 years without her ever seeing him.  A court battle ensues and she finally regains custody of her child.

As Rose continues to fall in love with the “wrong” type of women, she meets her 2nd husband.  Prior to her second marriage, she meets Violet who is the coworker of her soon-to-be husband.  Violet and her girlfriend are invited to the wedding and all Rose can think about is how much she loves this woman.  Rose’s mother-in-law decides that she will care for her second child and keeps him.  A short time later Rose drives to her in-law’s home and takes back her son.

Rose’s best friend moves in with them and soon begins to have an affair with her husband.  Rose always seems to be caught in the middle of someone else’s relationship, either as a threesome or the “other woman.”  Finally after a long period of not seeing Violet, she meets her again in Florida and they rekindle the spark they both had felt previously.  Rose eventually invites Violet and her child to move into her home with her ex-husband, his girlfriend, and their children.

The story ends with Rose proposing to Violet on their one year anniversary and living happily ever after.

Secrets of the Velvet Closet can be found on Amazon for $4.95.

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