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Campaign to getequalIntersectionality: is it possible?

As a Community Organizer, I say heck yes! All Movements must begin the conversation to work together. However, in the past decades “turf wars” have existed that neutralized or had the left fight each other. Nah, I am not talking about how The President ended the Anti-War Movement. From my experiences the path to start this conversation is conversations and building relationships. From those two arts formed processes then, folks would discuss criteria of at least 4-10 points in which movements can again on… On matters for example a letter I wrote:

Hello my fellow organizers and leaders of movements,

If you get this email by chance, you know me or we had conversed in my 13 years of being a community organizer. I have seen some great victories, defeats, new tactics and ideas.

My new project is to start a conversation amongst movements in solidarity for greater turn out. To prove to the right and “the forces that be” the center-left people are still kicking and moving.

I have a couple of ideas (projects and actions) to start this conversation:

• Mass Incarceration, Stop & Frisk, Drug War, Police Brutality, etc.
• Tar-sands, Banning Fracking in New York, combating food deserts, Home Foreclosures, etc.
• ENDA (by 2013 passed with gender inclusive) & Marriage Equality and assisting the LGBT-Queer Community
• Immigration movement needs solidarity (Dream Act In New York)
• Women’s Rights
• Anti-Violence aboard
• Housing & Homelessness

However, it will be about new form of intersectionality, in which we need to start working together. Folks don’t expect us to come together on issues, assuming we have a “Turf War”. I would love to prove them wrong here’s a start:

I propose we organize an action on 4 fronts:

  • Stop And Frisk
  • The New York Dream Act
  • Police Brutality & Mass Incarceration
  • ENDA (U.S Level)/GENDA (New York)

Yours in solidarity,
Eyad M. Alkurabi

In that letter would begin a conversation. In that it will break the wall of “Turf war”. I would also give an example, attend an overlapping issue event that affects your community. You are an organizer/activist Because of the “Fiscal Cliff”:

  • Take into the Cuts to the LGBT centers.
  • Threats to the employment security of LGBT workers because federal agencies would have fewer resources to investigate claims of employment discrimination
  • Lower quality health care for LGBT families because of reduced programmatic funding used to address their health care needs
  • Absence of critical resources from government agencies currently working to combat bullying and school violence against LGBT youth
  • Limited ability of federal government to address the high rates of homelessness among LGBT youth
  • Limited governmental capacity to prevent discrimination in housing against LGBT renters, tenants, and potential homeowners
  • Hampered governmental efforts to prevent violent crime against LGBT people through enforcement of hate crimes legislation

Community health centers may face an automatic $167 million reduction in funding should Congress fail to negotiate a budget deal,”

” – this info was reported by close to 30 LGBT Orgs and Community groups Across nation”

The reason why I am writing this is because folks wonder how intersection can happen; meaning how can we have organizers of movements talk together and begin to collaborate well these two documents will be a start.

I will be writing other Op-Eds, as events, civil disobedience, direct actions commence until now… this is a simple Op-Ed on how to organize with Intersectionality in mind. Please contact me and let me know how attempts happen in your neck of the woods .. In the comments below.

Solidarity !

About Eyad (Eddie) Alkurabi

I have been an activist for 12 years since the patriot act. I’m a Palestinian-American Pansexual (Queer). I’m a College Student based in Albany, New York; Attending HVCC (Hudson Valley Community Collge) and SUNY Albany. Political Science is my Major, Global Politics is my concentration. I’m also a community organizer for GetEQUAL, Occupy, and countless other movements. In addition I’m part of Grassroots Wing of the LGBT movement.