Metro Atlanta Association of Professionals to Link with Woven

Atlanta, February 11, 2014 – The Metro Atlanta Association of Professionals announced today a collaborative effort with Woven, a national, web-based company whose mission is to provide legal and financial resources to the LGBT community,

“This is a great opportunity for many of our attorneys, financial advisers, tax and insurance professionals in the metro Atlanta region and nationwide,” said Joshua D. Lorenz, MAAP CEO and president. “I believe strongly in Woven and believe it is a valuable resource to the LGBT community.”

Woven network members are professionals who have demonstrated competence and passion in working with the unique legal and financial issues faced by LGBT couples and families.

“Woven is so greatly needed by same-sex couples, especially now that issues have become even more confusing within a constantly changing political and legal landscape,” said Woven President Kristin Davis. “Access to trusted and highly dedicated experts who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this ever-changing arena is essential. Our website provides easy access to the resources people need to attain a secure future.”

She pointed out the many complex legal issues same-sex couples continue to face since the Supreme Court decision on the Defense of Marriage Act.

Woven is helping market MAAP on a national level, and MAAP is spreading the word about Woven in the Atlanta area.

Woven’s national network is growing every day. Attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs and insurance professionals who work with the LGBT community and want to be part of the Woven Network can apply online at For additional information, please contact or 405-887-2323.

MAAP’s mission is to create an inclusive environment for the Metro Atlanta LGBTA+ community that allows for professional development through networking, high-quality events, training, mentoring and education.

More information about MAAP is available at:

About MAAP

Founded in May 1992 by 15 people as the Atlanta Executive Network, MAAP’s mission is individual and professional development through networking, relationship-building and education for Atlanta’s LGBT professionals and our allies. MAAP currently has a connection network of more than 2,000 professionals.

The MAAP logo can be downloaded at:

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