I am John I am Paul Book Review

I am John I am PaulI read the 172-page book I Am John, I Am Paul written by Mark Tedesco in about a day and a half.  Ancient Rome is one of my favorite topics and I find them so interesting. I pretty much put off working on a couple of other projects because I couldn’t put the book down. Without giving away the storyline, you can tell from the title of the book that it is about two men. As the tagline for the book states, A Story of Two Soldiers in Ancient Rome.

John and Paul meet during a Roman campaign somewhere around the 4th century. There is a strong bond between them and only strengthens over the course of years. They become separated due to power plays within Rome. Once reunited, they pick up where they left off, fighting side-by-side once more. Eventually they realize all they need is each other, and that’s enough. Or so they thought.

I was waiting for that Harlequin Romance to start. I wanted to see the passion between these men taken to the next level. Turning through the pages I thought, this is it, this is where they sweep each other off their feet and admit their love for each other and they’ll consummate their relationship…I couldn’t stop reading. It was THAT intense.

The love between these two men was extraordinary. I think I cried a couple of times. Okay, I didn’t cry, but I did get teary eyed and felt what they felt. The shocking end of the book was a little upsetting. You know the feeling…It’s that little piece of you as you’re watching a movie (or reading a book) and you can see what’s about to happen and you tell yourself, the characters, the book, or the TV “don’t do it!”

It wasn’t until the last few pages of the book when I realized it was based on a true story. The story of Saint John and Saint Paul (SPOILER LINK ALERT) in Rome. It’s a beautiful story. BUT, I would read the book before looking at the Wikipedia link for Saint John and Saint Paul. I mean, do you really want to have a spoiler on such a great story?

Do yourself a favor and follow the link to purchase the book, you won’t be disappointed.

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