Hot Air Ballooning in Scottsdale Arizona

Hot Air Ballooning at Sonoran Desert by www.carlosmeliablog.comHot Air Ballooning in Scottsdale Arizona  |  Scottsdale, Arizona  |  Today I crossed out of my Travel Bucket List, one of the items was ranking high, and this was Hot Air Ballooning. Early morning (5AM) pick up at the Four Seasons Scottsdale, to go chasing winds among other fellow tourist, to be able to make a reality our wish to fly. This was my second chance, during my week stay in Arizona. First one failed due to weather and winds conditions, reason why our pilot, Captain Patrick, decided to cancel the first flight, which made me feel very comfortable about safety. So after an hour of riding across the Sonoran Desert, looking for the perfect flying spot, we reached the area of Lake Pleasant and Wild Horse, within the region of Scottsdale, approximately 45 minutes away from the city of Phoenix. I will not bore you with much more details, and I will allow my photos and videos to document this spectacular, quite daunting, experience, which took me on a basket, along with other 15 people, to a maximum height of 9000 Feet (crazy and lots of adrenaline). The flight was of over 45 minutes, and upon landing we enjoyed a lovely champagne breakfast, for the official ceremony of Hot Air Ballooning graduation. Yet another certificate to add to my life travel and adventure around the world, along the Elephants Mahout Driver License, Tigers Up-Close Encounter among many others. If you are not too scared of heights, and do not mind an early morning, Hot Air Ballooning, is a life experience you must try. I chose Hot Air Expeditions for my flight, based in Phoenix. As I always say, when doing these types of activities, is ALWAYS very important to do exhaustive research on the provider you will book. Hope you enjoy how I have documented this spectacular experience. Read the full post and see live videos and photos

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