Halsted Vodka Spreading Christmas Cheer

Halsted Vodka Holiday Martini

Our friends over at Halsted Vodka sent us over 12 Cocktails of Christmas recipes.  Help us spread some Christmas Joy & Cheer by checking them out.  I know what I’ll be doing between now and Christmas!  Most likely I’ll have to double up on the testing since there are only 7 days left until Christmas!!

Take a look-see at what Halsted Vodka put together for you and don’t forget to have FUN and DRINK RESPONSIBLY!

From the Makers of Halsted Vodka:

‘Tis the season to enjoy a holiday cocktail made with All-American, handcrafted Halsted Vodka.  Our mixology elves have been concocting some exiting new martini recipes inspired by Santa’s Reindeer…all 12 of them!  We hope you enjoy these Christmas Cocktails as you celebrate the season with family & friends.  The cocktails are made exclusively with Chicago’s delicious Halsted Vodka, which donates 15% of its profits to causes benefiting the local LGBT community.


Shake all the ingredients over ice and serve in a martini glass.  Cheers!


The Halsted Dasher
A classic “pink” martini with a dash of Angostura bitters 1 oz Halsted Vodka

1 oz pink grapefruit juice
A dash of Angostura bitters

The Halsted DancerHalsted Vodka Holiday Red
A gingertini with fresh juice that dances on your tongue 1 1⁄2 oz Halsted Vodka
1 1⁄2 oz ginger liqueur (eg. Canton)
Squeeze of fresh lime juice

The Halsted Prancer
An espresso martini to get you prancing around the room 2 oz Halsted Vodka
1 oz cold espresso
1⁄2 oz Kahlua or simple sugar mix

The Halsted Vixen
A foxy, woodland martini with the nutty taste of Frangelico 2 oz Halsted Vodka
1 oz Frangelico
Squeeze of fresh lemon juice

The Halsted Comet
A classic martini with a sparkler
2 oz Halsted Vodka
Dash of vermouth to coat the glass & serve with a sparkler!

The Halsted Cupid
A martini made with Chambord raspberry liqueur 2 oz Halsted Vodka
1 oz Pineapple juice
1/2 oz raspberry liqueur (eg. Chambord)

The Halsted Donner
Donner means “thunder” in German so here’s a dirty martini with thunderclouds. 2 oz Halsted Vodka
2 teaspoons of olive juice
Dash of vermouth to coat the glass

Halsted Vodka MedalThe Halsted Blitzen
Blitzen means “lightning” in German so a martini with a lemon “bolt” 2 oz Halsted Vodka
1⁄2 oz Limoncello
1⁄2 oz fresh lemon juice
1⁄2 oz simple sugar mix
Serve with a lemon peel garnish

The Halsted Rudolph
A maraschino cherry makes Rudolph’s famous red nose
2 oz Halsted Vodka
1 oz cranberry juice
1⁄2 oz triple sec
Dash of fresh lime juice
Serve with a maraschino cheer on a cocktail stick


The Halsted Olive
You guessed it, a classic martini with a Kalamata olive 2 oz Halsted Vodka
Dash of vermouth to coat the glass
Serve with a Kalamata

The Halsted Fireball
A hot cinnamon martini made with Fireball 2 oz Halsted Vodka
1 oz Cinnamon liqueur (eg. Fireball)
Dash of grenadine

The Halsted Clarice
A sweet chocolatini for Rudolph’s sweetheart 2 oz Halsted Vodka
1 oz Crème de Cacao
1⁄2 oz cherry brandy (or try 1 oz Kahlua)

  • Halsted Vodka is a new concept in spirits. Founded to champion LGBT community building and human rights, it is named in honor of a unique community in Chicago. A community knit together through a shared respect for diversity and a passionate defense of human rights.
  • Halsted Vodka gives back to the community. 15% of the company’s founding equity and 15% of operating profits are dedicated to our causes.
  • Our product is a luxury vodka, hand crafted in small batches using a recipe of All-American grain and the crystal clear waters of the Rocky Mountains. Unique glass stills help us achieve exceptional levels of smoothness while giving Halsted Vodka a bold, full-bodied character worthy of our cause.
  • In 2013, Halsted Vodka won the prestigious GOLD MEDAL from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
  • Proudly launched October 2012 in Chicago, Halsted Vodka is now available in selected outlets including Binny’s, Mariano’s, Andersonville Wine & Spirits and many bars & restaurants. You can buy it on line at http://www.binnys.com
  • We have made “15%” cash donations to The Legacy Project, Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus and Pride Films & Plays. Halsted Vodka is also supporting the Windy City Performing Arts, Chicago Rowing Union, Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, Equality Illinois, Fred Says, About Face Theatre, GLAAD, The Center on Halsted LGBT Senior Center, Lesbian Community Cares project at Howard Brown, and many more LGBT groups in Chicago.
  • Halsted Vodka is a Chicago owned and operated company.
  • LIKE Halsted on Facebook. FOLLOW us on Twitter, Instagram & Vine.

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