Gay Men Talk Mini Series: Book 1 Review

Gay Men Talk Mini Series: Book 1 is a book by Tim John Peterson; published by Lulu Press, copyright 2012 (ISBN 9781105880650).  The book is a collection of quotes, thoughts and experiences of the author as well as people he has come across in everyday life.

The Gay Men Talk Mini Series is book 1 of a series created to give readers a brief look into the Men Talk Book Series.  The topics covered are homosexuality, bisexuality, coming out, S & M, bondage and more.  A rough look at what goes on in the minds of some men.

Book 1 does deliver what the author promises.  Raw.  Funny.  Gross.  Quite possibly mixed with a little sexual stimulation…

Tim John Peterson

Tim John Peterson

The author, Tim John Peterson, grew up on the south shore of Long Island, NY.  At the age of 18 he was in a motorcycle accident where he almost died.  After the accident, he wasn’t sure what to do with his life so he joined the army for a 3-year stint.  While in college he began counseling sessions and decided he loved the work therapists do and changed his study to mental health therapy.  In 1990, Tim started compiling material for his first book and published in 2000.  Tim is currently residing on Long Island and continues to write.

Available as a digital download for $1.49, you can find Gay Men Talk Mini Series: Book 1 and many of his other books at the following sites:, Barnes & Noble, iTunes,, and

While reading book 1, I started highlighting sections I wanted to share with you but quickly found there were just too much material to share.  I literally laughed out loud at the passages either because they were so off the wall hilarious or just plain crazy.  Imagine my surprise when I realized I could relate to some of the “thoughts” and experiences…only a couple though.  Okay, a few, but who wouldn’t?  I challenge you to read this book and try to find something that you have never experienced.

Here are a few short quotes (they have nothing to do with me, I just thought they were hilarious):

  1. “Does jizz have any kind of negative effect on tooth enamel?”
  2. “I’m not into men.  I’m just into sex with parts of them.”
  3. “I usually skip flossing when I know there’s the possibility of giving head to a stranger.”

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