Gay British Royals

Gay British Royals? I don’t know about you, but I’m excited!  It’s big news really.  I should get to packing my bags and heading on over to the palace yelling “Here I am!  Mum, I’m home!”  Think of what I could do as a Prince, heir to the throne!  All those sparkly jewels.  The royal robes.  The drivers, maids, butlers and cooks!  Oh my!

I’d seriously be in some heaven.  I’d have to fight of the rest of the queens with my scepter…Oh this could really get to be fun.  Really though, gay British Royals!  Just imagine!  I’m glad they are advancing and not being so prudish about it all.

Here’s a story about how it’s all going to change…

Preparing For A Gay British Royal’s Reign

I mean to have a new law is set to make it so that the first born child, irrespective of birth sex, of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, will be able to inherit the throne. However, what if that child is lesbian? Or gay? Labour Member of Parliament Paul Flynn is gathering support to amend the law that would allow for the child of a royal same-sex couple to inherit the throne…

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