Family of Choice Book Review

Family of Choice coverFamily of Choice, written by Lissa Brown, is the sequel to Another F-Word and continues with the story of Rory Calhoun Wilson.

Rory is a doctor now living in Baltimore Maryland with his partner Nimo and Nimo’s two children, Lexie and Dillion. The book opens with Rory learning of his Papaw’s passing and that he will have to return to his hometown of Craggy Grove Tennessee for the services.

Family of Choice gives you a glimpse into the world of Rory as an adult. You’ll understand what made him the man he is today and what is shaping his world now. Rory still carries battle scars from being bullied throughout his childhood, especially the wounds from his father. He has a deep-seated desire to be accepted and it isn’t until he confronts his father that Rory realizes things are different. He is different. Rory is concerned with being the best father and the best family man. It’s his fears that are stopping him and only he can figure it all out by dealing with his past. He struggles with forgiveness and letting go of the past so he can focus on his future.

I thought the book was well written and the characters come to life just as if they were your next-door neighbors. Some of us have experienced the issues facing Rory in one form or another. The take away here is learning how to be a better human being and rise above what you have experienced. Can you really move beyond the hurt and pain? I’d like to think so and Rory gives us hope.

You can find a Family of Choice on Amazon for $14.40 on paperback (222 pages) or you can visit Lissa Brown’s website for additional information.


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