Editorial Debut for The Gayly Post

Today was supposed to be a very productive and inspiring day.  I’m not quite sure where the time goes from the moment you wake up, to the time you should be cooking dinner.  It seems there are a ton of distractions throughout the day.  In an effort to get work done, I turned off my email, Skype, iMessages, and the television.  The only thing on right now is Christmas music and the washing machine.

I managed to watch The Chew simply because I love Clinton Kelly and Chef Michael Symon (my only luxury for the day).  I was weeding through my feeds trying to figure out what news articles would be great for the debut of The Gayly Post.  I managed to pick 3 only because I realized I hadn’t done my editorial and the day seemed to have gotten away from me.  My editorial needed to be thoughtfully crafted, edited, re-edited, and finally typed.  Just like every other excellent plan, it was placed on the back burner until now.  I realized that MY letters from the editor shouldn’t be scripted nor planned.  They should come from the heart, in the heat of the moment if you will.  I don’t know if that’s what you’re getting, but as I sit here typing, it feels like it is.

This is the last weekend before Christmas and the previous couple of weeks have been an absolute nightmare for most of the country.  The tragic events that unfolded in Portland, OR and Newtown, CT are a reminder that we have a long way to go.  I feel for each and every victim, dead or alive.  There is something to say about the humans spirit.  We (most of us) rise above it all and find the strength to help their fellow human.  This alone gives us hope that all is not lost.  I hope we all find the peace and solace we desperately need even if it is only for a 4 day period.  I urge everyone to take a moment and reflect on what matters and why it matters and then make every moment count.

This is my letter to you, the reader, the follower, the news junkie(?),

Ed Itorial
Editor in Chief

About Ed Itorial

Ed Itorial is the Editor of The Gayly Post. He spends most of his time reading and posting the interesting stuff…

He never eats and never sleeps which explains his never-ending hunger and bad attitude. On his off days he likes to surf the web and dream of places of leisure.