Another F-Word Book Review

Lissa plays banjoAnother F-Word written by Lissa Brown is about the devastating effects of intolerance and bullying.

Lissa has worn several hats as a writer; from columnist to media relations specialist for gubernatorial and state legislative campaigns. Another F-Word is her second novel.

The story is set in Tennessee and opens with Rory, the main character, having a conversation with his grandfather (papaw). Rory is a 6-year-old child who overhears his father call him a faggot. Rory comes from a loving and devoted family. His father is noticing there are some differences between Rory and other boys his age. He dislikes sports; he isn’t interested in fishing or hunting.

Rory is taunted by bullies throughout his time in public schools. His best friend is a girl named Ashley and gave him the support he needed. A new kid moves to the neighborhood and Rory and he become fast friends. Jake is on the soccer team yet is also bullied in school. They quickly find that they have a lot in common besides being gay and bullied.

Rory is on a journey to discover himself and figure out why he feels the way he does. He is afraid of losing the ones he loves because of his difference. It isn’t until a tragic event brings him the courage to face his reality and break the news to his mother.

Another F-WordAnother F-Word is a very well written and thought out novel. It captivates you the moment Rory asks his very first question and holds you until the end as he’s attending college. There are elements to the story that any gay or lesbian individual can and will relate to. You will feel empathy for their suffering and their need to express themselves and to just fit in without circumstance.

You can purchase the novel as a paperback for $15.95 or in digital format for $6.99 at

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